Making Fruitbowl Productions your specialist roadshow organiser

If staging a successful single event requires a great deal of logistical knowledge and skill, then this is multiplied when transferring the idea to a multi-location roadshow. Each venue needs to be selected and then managed either for precise duplication of the specific roadshow production, or to customise a series of similar events with specific local or state factors taken into consideration.

To achieve this, you’ll wish to partner with a company that has long experience of making the maximum out of each of these occasions. In other words, you’ll want to work with our hugely experienced Fruitbowl Productions roadshow team.

Delivering the memorable roadshow you’d expect

In close partnership with you, our Fruitbowl Productions roadshow event management experts will undertake all necessary risk analysis activities and create a cohesive, timed, and budgeted plan covering all your roadshow event management needs. We’ll fully understand what the event needs to achieve, and create a cohesive pathway to help you gain these results. With a series of events, we’ll also appreciate that a fluid approach is vital, fine-tuning the event for every venue.

All this starts with a simple and obligation free phone call to 1300 663 450. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, discuss any anxieties, and offer to-the-point advice. So, if you are planning a series of important roadshows for your business or organisation, please pick up that phone now…

road show event management

How Fruitbowl can manage your roadshow event planning and management

With almost twenty years of experience of delivering successful and on-budget events, our specialist roadshow organisers can help you in many ways to ensure successful occasions. Here are some of the many key activities we can deliver for you:

  • Creation of an effective overall schedule and detailed planning for each single event
  • Organise maximum pre-roadshow publicity and event social and mainstream media coverage if required
  • Locate, hire and manage a series of different venues
  • Organise travel and hotel accommodation across a series of destinations
  • Design a creative roadshow concept and then powerfully and consistently visualise it in each individual venue
  • Handle roadshow invitations and responses – and then event registration
  • Create all print and electronic materials such as programmes, posters, place cards and the like
  • Hire and manage professional audio-visual and photography services
  • Design on-screen content and presenters’ scripts
  • Manage venue light, sound, security and insurance requirements
  • Handle catering requirements for each different location
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