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When planning for any event – be it a conference or corporate meeting, key gala dinner or popular public festival, new product launch or informative roadshow – we all know that, however well planned, there are many variables and uncertainties, and that much could go wrong. Troublesome areas might involve the venue and its infrastructure or facilities, power or equipment failures, last-minute withdrawals of sponsors or key participants, various people or patron issues, medical emergencies, and much more.

Using our experience, we will identify those elements which can carry risk, analyse such risks and their impact, determine the likelihood of such scenarios taking place, prioritise key actions to prevent or, if necessary contain and manage, them. Through this careful plan, we will be ready to recommend any actions needed to prevent risk and to deal with any situations that might arise.

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All of the above might sound slightly off-putting or even alarming, but the key is to be effectively prepare to eliminate or manage risk, so that your event enjoys smooth running. Yet it’s also important to be ready to handle any situations which do arise. Our team, through formal training and experience, really understands key areas such as their duties under OH&S and Worksafe legislation. We are also expert at complying with all Australian Standards and individual Client’s Policies, appreciate our duties to contractors and their employees, and understand general contractor management procedures.

So, to talk about your event, and appreciate the risks which may be involved, and how they should be handled, call our professional and experienced Fruitbowl team on 1300 663 450 now…

risk & safety event management

Event Risk Management from Fruitbowl Productions

With two decades of proven event management experience, we always aim for smooth running of any occasion, but also know it’s wise to ‘expect the unexpected’! So, for any event, we can construct and manage an effective risk management strategy and process. This can include key areas such as…

  • Providing vital knowledge and procedures during event staff induction sessions
  • Ensuring valid liquor and other licencing permits have been obtained
  • Plan for event traffic management in a series of different scenarios
  • Ensure identification procedures are in place and are followed
  • Manage the activities of all contractors hired to help construct the venue and its staging needs
  • Co-ordinate with the emergency services when preparing for the event
  • Constant liaison and dialogue with all key event stakeholders
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