We are resourceful, creative and possess a calm, open-minded attitude when solving problems.

Tammy Crupi – Founder & Director

Tammy Crupi has been the Director of Fruitbowl Productions Pty Ltd since its inception over twenty one years ago.Tammy has an in depth knowledge of current industry trends. Tammy’s dedication and passion for event coordination and event management has been demonstrated through the success of Fruitbowl Productions, one of Australia’s premier event management companies specialising in the implementation, planning and delivery of events for the wider community.

Tammy has been responsible for the project management of a range of significant events ranging from small events to large-scale major event celebrations. Tammy holds expertise in event concept and design, production management, sponsorship, marketing and overall event coordination. Over the last 21 years Tammy has had considerable experience in dealing with local and state government organisations. This experience has provided Tammy with an in depth knowledge of the required processes and procedures required to deliver large scale events management and the experience in working closely with Fruitbowl’s clients to ensure that the events are a true reflection of the desired event objectives.

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