Bright n Sandy Food and Wine Festival

March 6th dawned bright and sunny – as it always is in Melbourne – and our Fruitbowl Production specialist event management team were on a state of high alert. Two terrific events were taking place in our favourite city, and we were delighted to be playing key logistical roles in both. Let’s head first to Brighton Beach where those iconic bathing boxes at Green Point were the focal point of Bayside City Council’s always highly popular, and more successful than ever, Bright n Sandy Food and Wine Festival.

This amazing annual celebration of all things culinary saw huge numbers of food and beverage enthusiasts head down there for a great family day out. Providing complete event management services for this occasion is always a pleasure, starting with the programming, through investigating sponsorship possibilities, and then the pre-event marketing. On the day, delivering the vital event liaison and logistics management saw us involved with the many exhibitors, both those local to the area and others from farther afield. Our Fruitbowl Productions team’s behind the scenes work left them front and centre to present their wide range of specially selected foods and superb beverages to an admiring audience. Nextgen AV provide amazing audio visual for the main stage, MINI bar and kitchen cooking stage.

All tastes were catered for, from gnocchi dumplings to smoked barbeque selections, and so much more; plus a wide range of hand-crafted beers, ciders and fabulous Australian wines. For foodies, the day-long activities in the cooking marquee were a powerful magnet. Guest chefs including Adam D’Sylva and Ian Curley cheerfully shared their culinary secrets; games were played, and prizes savoured, and ideas taken home to be enthusiastically tried!

At the main stage, our careful choice of talented musicians, allowed those who were keen to dance to strut their stuff, while others just sat in lazy, relaxed contemplation. The kids had rides and activities to enjoy, while parents could browse a wide range of artisan stalls, finding out more about the products from a terrific gathering of local area businesses.

Even in glorious Victoria, on the finest of days, the sun eventually sets. As it did so on our event management work at Greenpoint, where local businesses had been successfully promoted and public awareness heightened, crowds congregated around the MINI bar. Spritzers were savoured, as were the stunning and iconic Melbourne views that you can only enjoy from Bayside. We gave ourselves a small pat on the back, satisfied that so many had enjoyed their day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city…

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Bridge Road Gathering

…our Fruitbowl team were hard at work ensuring that the Bridge Road Gathering was every bit as successful an occasion. This vibrant street festival was a first for us, after the Traders Association asked us to provide full event management services. This included liaising with both the traders themselves and the key council authorities, emergency services, and VicRoads; as well as undertaking logistics management, programming and pre-event marketing.

From 11am, the local community and many visitors gained free access to more than fifty traders packed the entire length of Bridge Road, showcasing a wealth of international cuisine choices. Our idea of asking traders to offer tasting dishes from just $5 was hugely popular, with Greek, Taiwanese, Burmese, and native Australian choices being just a few of the many taste sensations on offer.

When you added terrific live entertainment, and a heap of activities for the kids to enjoy, including free carnival rides, face painting, and roving performers, you’ll appreciate that this Gathering formed a key part of The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. With many events on that one day, we’re already thinking of ways to add to the event in 2017 and encourage even greater numbers to come and walk along the foodie heaven that was Bridge Road.