Helping to promote identity, culture and learning

As conference organisers based in Melbourne, our Fruitbowl team were proud to be an integral part of the successful delivery of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Conference in mid-November 2015. On each occasion this superb and hugely important event visits a different city. This year it was held in Melbourne at the Pullman and Mercure Hotel, located in the world famous Albert Park.

NATSIEC Melbourne 2015

About the conference

This event provides a vital opportunity to bring together a network of key players, both leaders and educators, from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities from across our nation. The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated were proud and superb hosts; the event being held on the traditional lands of the Boonwurrung people in the Kulin Nation.

The aims were to celebrate both a clear identity and a vibrant culture through the sharing of stories and experiences. Added to these areas was much work about identifying the communities’ priorities through a strengthening of both education and training. The conference tasked itself to facilitate the leadership, innovation and connectivity necessary to generate empowerment of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education opportunities.

Each day saw a range of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and then a series of different presentations where delegates could choose which of the six options to attend. Added to these conference events were a range of cultural opportunities at various important points around the Melbourne area.

NATSIEC 2015 Conference

How Fruitbowl Productions took a pivotal role

As the hosts, the VAEAI oversaw the coordination of this landmark event. To help achieve the best possible outcome, they tasked Fruitbowl, as a market leader in the field, to handle the key conference management logistics. This saw our expert conference events management team work on a wide range of important areas. These included:

• professional project management, including all necessary reporting and evaluation activities
• meeting all travel and accommodation requirements
• delegate registration and administration of all other aspects of the event
• creation and management of the event website
• providing and managing key sponsorship opportunities
• management of the stunning venue and facilities
• programming and logistic needs for the Gala Dinner

Our dedicated professional conference organisers worked closely with Kalinya Communications, who were responsible for the successful marketing and programming of the conference. With more than 600 delegates in attendance over three hugely busy days, this was the largest such event involving our Fruitbowl Productions team since the AIDS Conference in 2014.

How can Fruitbowl Productions help with your event?

Being part of such a superb, pivotal, and vital event, and working so closely with a not for profit organisation, was an experience that certainly made sure our working practices were set at the highest level, to meet a considerable challenge. This has added much to our two decades of conference management company experience, gained in both local and international fields, and for a variety of organisations and companies. So, if you have an upcoming event of any size, simply call 1300 663 450 for an obligation-free discussion of your likely requirements.