Choosing Fruitbowl Productions as your professional festival event management partner

Festival! The very word suggests fun and excitement, large crowds of happy people, and total enjoyment for all. This certainly should be the front-of-house end result, but we all know that this requires a huge amount of meticulous behind-the-scenes planning and careful on-the-day festival and special event management, both physically of those attending, and of their expectations for the event. Fruitbowl offers more than twenty one years of successful experience handling such events for specific locations across Melbourne.

Team up with Fruitbowl Productions right from the start

Our experience in major events management tells us that the sooner we become involved in a festival event planning project – either for a specific location or a particular event – the greater the professional help and advice we can offer. So, even if your festival is in the earliest stages of planning, a call to our experienced and friendly Fruitbowl Production team on 1300 663 450 is a wise move to make. Let us add our hard-earned professional expertise and event organisation know-how. Allow us to help ensure that all your plans lead to a successful and memorable festival event…

Festival and special event planning and management tasks undertaken by Fruitbowl Productions

Of course, our activities will be tailored to meet the needs of your unique event, so the following are simply examples of the comprehensive and valuable services we can offer…

  • Venue selection plus set dressing and on-site building activities
  • Creation and delivery of unique festival theme or concept if required
  • Pre-event publicity – from printed materials to social media postings
  • Organisation of invitations, festival ticketing and registration
  • Create and produce all event materials and signage – both electronic and hard copy
  • Fulfill travel and accommodation needs for any visiting key participants
  • Management of all event catering needs
  • Secure festival event sponsorship
  • Develop on-screen and audio-visual presentations, plus speakers’ scripts
  • Manage rigging construction, sound and lighting checks, and any rehearsals
  • Undertake all risk management assessments, plus both insurance and security compliances
  • Organise professional photography and festival filming needs
  • Undertake festival show calling duties

festival event management
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