Choosing Fruitbowl Productions as your event sponsorship management company

If you are looking to hold a conference or festival, gala dinner or corporate meeting, making the most of any relevant and acceptable sponsorship opportunities can be the difference between a successful occasion and one that isn’t as great as you’d want it to be. Effective sponsorship event management can have a powerful financial impact, make any occasion more rewarding for those attending or participating, and help you dress and stage an unforgettable occasion. Here at Fruitbowl, with a couple of decades of experience as one of the nation’s leading sponsorship management companies, we are primed and ready to help locate all potential sponsorship opportunities and then maximise these through the development of powerful, compelling and effective proposals. We will work to seek out every style and possibility of sponsorship and help you identify best-fit partners for your important event.

Our sponsorship event management actions

There are specific needs for each proposal or occasion, and we always tailor our services to suit. As a guide, we often undertake the following…

  • Development of professional sponsorship and funding proposals
  • Co-ordination of sponsorship and event liaison and relevant administrative tasks
  • Create a concept, and then market and brand the event for both organiser and sponsor
  • Ensure such marketing provides maximum exposure both for the event and all its sponsors
  • Ensure constant liaison to ensure all stakeholders gain the maximum from the sponsorship event
  • Deliver the physical aspects of the event e.g. staging, signing, promotional activities and the like to ensure a high-profile and attention-gaining occasion
event sponsorship

Maximising your sponsorship opportunities with Fruitbowl Productions

Our aim is to undertake the type of seamless event sponsorship management that will add much to your event, while also ensuring that maximum benefit and exposure is gained both for the sponsors and yourselves. This sponsorship might simply be financial, but we also investigate in-kind opportunities and the benefits this would offer you the delegates or members of the public attending your event.

We also use our expertise to help you to access any available grants or other such funding that is often available for community or creative events. We work with you to establish a productive relationship with every sponsoring or funding company or body. We can help to deliver a powerful application and then demonstrate to any funding body how, tied to your event objectives and aims, you will fulfill their criteria for support..

Talk to Fruitbowl Productions about your event sponsorship – and much more

You’ll appreciate, from other pages on this website, the huge range of skills we can bring to all aspects of event management – from conferences to festivals, meetings, roadshows and more. This is your chance to make the most of these talents, but to add to them by maximising your sponsorship opportunities. To find out more, simply call us on 1300 663 450 now for a no-obligation discussion…

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