Last week at the Manningham Business Excellent Awards Breakfast Launch Fruitbowl had the privilege of listening to football legend and academic David Parkin. David spoke about many topics important for small business including motivation, teamwork, and business development. Three key points Fruitbowl took away from David were: know your drivers, don’t break was isn’t broken; smash it, and the importance of engagement.

When employees are engaged they are more likely to think their work is important and therefore work harder to succeed.

Know your drivers.

Know what it is that motivates you in your work, in your hobbies, in your values. If you can acknowledge your drivers and embrace them to propel you forward it can lead to great success. Motivation is more fluid, it can change dramatically from one day to the next. However, if you can specify your exact drivers and acknowledge their power you can learn how to drive yourself, and your co-workers each and every day.

Don’t break what isn’t broken, smash it.

Contrary to the popular saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” David spoke from the perspective, if it’s not broken, smash it. Yes, it sounded backward to us too. David explained to not settle for what is in front of you. Every day you should endeavour to grow and excel for continuous improvement. If a certain practice or system is working just fine, break it down and rebuilt it. Rebuilt it to be better than it was yesterday.

 Importance of Engagement.

David spoke of the importance of engagement in a successful business. When employees are engaged in their work their productivity increases exponentially. Employees are more likely to think their work is important and therefore work harder to succeed day in day out.