With more than 23 years of experience, our Fruitbowl corporate events planning team can assist with all of the many areas that combine to produce a successful corporate event, or a gala event dinner. Whatever you require, we will deliver an occasion that is fully on-track and always within budget.

Choosing Fruitbowl as your corporate event management company

You might be ready to organise any of a wide number of corporate style events. These can include a conference or a new product launch, holding a formal meeting, such as an AGM, or organising a gala dinner. It might be a company awards presentation or tying your business to a charity fundraiser. You might be introducing a company-wide incentive programme. For a formal corporate event, you might also be planning an accompanying social programme.

Whatever your event, you may be dealing with small groups or be planning for a high attendance occasion. This event could be indoors or out, formal or informal. One theme would run through each – maximising the chance to clearly communicate with a wide range of key business staff, clients or contacts. This might be formally through presentations, or socially through breakfast, lunch or dining occasions.

This communications opportunity should be maximised upon. One way that this can be missed is if some or all of your team are overly involved in the staging of the event. This is where we come in…

corporate event planning

Fruitbowl Productions – your corporate event management partner

Our experienced corporate event management company is perfectly placed to organise and manage your event. Before we ever start planning the logistics, we seek to build the foundations of our partnership with every client. We always spend time finding out exactly what they wish to achieve through the staging of their corporate event. Then we ask detailed questions about their business, the audience or attendees, and how, specifically, the company wants to communicate with them. Only once we have gathered this key information do we start to plan your event.

corporate event planning

We know that each corporate event is unique

As experienced corporate events planners, we know that the above provides no more than an introductory guide. We will tailor our services to exactly match your needs. As soon as you have decided to hold a corporate event, the next step should be to call us here at Fruitbowl Productions on 1300 663 450 for a no-obligation initial consultation. This first small step can set you on the path towards a successful and memorable corporate event…

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Through all of this and more we will create a critical path for your corporate event, handle risk assessment, security and insurance factors, and even help to secure sponsorship if required.

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