‘Stepping up the pace’ was the theme for last winter’s 20th International Conference on AIDS held under the auspices of the International Aids Society. This is the world’s largest association of HIV professionals, and they hold many key events across the globe. Tragically, pre-event it was discovered that six of the delegates due to attend were among the so many lost on Flight MH17.

For the first time, the conference, spread across six days and held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, saw the society partner with UNICEF to support youth participation in this important occasion. Fruitbowl Productions were proud to be engaged specifically to assist with the UNICEF participation within the conference itself. A primary objective was set to facilitate the participation of their team in both pre-event and actual conference activities. This covered a wide range of occasions, including plenary sessions and UNICEF-led workshops. We helped with the logistical support and in the documenting of their activities throughout the conference. There was a special focus on supporting those who received youth scholarships and global village activities, where UNICEF again contributed directly.

Our Fruitbowl specialists worked in close collaboration with both the UNICEF HQ and the Convention Centre teams to act as a focal point for all the logistical support that was needed for their delegation. We helped facilitate travel and accommodation for VIPs, and acted as their event escort as required. Added to this was the planning of specific events and key meetings, the handling of schedules and distribution of important materials.

A further key task allocated to our team was to act as a focal point for the participation of young people in UNICEF-supported events, at the main conference and before, and for other satellite and side events. We also handled the logistics for the organisation’s pre-conference meetings and event sites. Our actions covered key areas such as branding, agendas and other documentation.

As you can imagine, our team learned much from the event – and certainly not just in terms of the services we offer. If we can help you run your conference, meeting, symposium, workshop or other business or private occasion, please call 1300 663 450 now for an obligation-free discussion. From pre-event planning and marketing to on-the-day logistics management – and covering all points in-between – we’re here to help!