With over 23 years in event management, Fruitbowl Productions is one of Australia’s premier event management companies.

Fruitbowl Productions, Australia’s premier event management company provides complete event management for corporate events to professional conference organising, exhibition management and government major festival events management. Fruitbowl are a standout from other event management companies as we provide extensive knowledge of industry trends in areas such as; planning, entertainment, event logistics and infrastructure, technical audio visual production, risk management, occupational health and safety and overall contractor management.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing quality services, in order to continually improve the quality of our services the following processes are undertaken for each contract.

Fruitbowl Productions provides professional services and is a provider of safety, risk event and site management services, delivering these services to corporate, local government, music, sporting, artistic business and community organisations within Australia.

Our aim is to deliver these services, exemplified in terms of industry best practice in a manner that conforms to the specified requirements of our clients and stakeholders.

major event management

Why Choose Fruitbowl Event Management

Through our experience in event management we have acquired invaluable systematic problem solving skills and the ability to think laterally in order to resolve issues and avoid conflict.

We are resourceful, creative and possess a calm, open-minded attitude when solving problems. 

Over the years we have acquired the necessary skills required to prepare successful sponsorship proposals, funding submissions, and evaluation reports. We have excellent processes and procedures in place for event management. Through our event systems we have acquired expertise in planning and delivering large-scale events.

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