2021 Christmas Event Concepts

As restrictions ease, it is more important than ever for our communities to reconnect.

Community events provide opportunities for engagement, connection & socialisation and help with building collective wellbeing. After months of lockdown & isolation, communities are yearning for these special occasions so they can reclaim enjoyment in their lives.

If the traditional events are unable to be delivered, alternatives must be found.

Fruitbowl Productions have event solutions that provide an alternative to your traditional Christmas and Holiday Season events whilst still providing community engagement and social connection opportunities.

Fruitbowl Productions is a specialist event management company with more than 25 years’ experience delivering a variety of events from signature public events, community festivals & activations to corporate events, conferences & exhibitions. The team at Fruitbowl has a reputation for outstanding creativity and delivering first-class events.

Our Christmas & Holiday Season event concepts include:

  • Carols In Your Backyard
  • Santa’s Here!
  • Pop-Up Christmas Celebrations
  • Light Projections and Installations
  • Neon Sculptures

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2021 Christmas Event Concepts

Fruitbowl Productions can also provide partial event management to support your team, or complete event management including project management. Our solutions can be tailored to suit your requirements or we can create new concepts based on your needs.  Events can be adapted to comply with COVID-19 restrictions at the time of delivery.

Contact our team today on 1300 663 450 to discuss your Christmas event planning.

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