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Using Fruitbowl Productions as your professional conference management partner

We appreciate that your conference will be held for a wide range of reasons and to meet specific objectives. There are so many variable organisation factors – from audience size to event style, pre-event promotion to organising key participants, that it makes sound sense to work with experienced conference management experts. At Fruitbowl Productions, as experienced conference organisers based in Melbourne, we are about to enter our third decade organising and managing such events right across Australia. This track record means that we can work with you to deliver exactly the kind of occasion you require..

Conference Management  - NATSIEC Melbourne 2015

Are you starting to plan your conference?

Long experience as professional conference organisers has taught us that the sooner we become involved in event planning, the more help we can offer. So, no matter how early a stage you have currently reached in the process, our professional and helpful professional conference organisers are primed and ready to help. Please call 1300 663 450 now and we’ll start a no-obligation discussion about what your conference needs to achieve, how it can best be promoted and staged – and much more. Let’s start to match Fruitbowl, as an experienced conference management company, to the specific needs of your upcoming conference…

How Fruitbowl can provide a complete conference events management package

What we offer will be tailored exactly to your specific conference requirements. As a guide, we can offer all of the following and more…

  • Developing an actionable critical path for your event – keeping it on-track and within-budget
  • Creating actionable and logical conference action plans
  • Designing and staging the creative concept that best matches your conference objectives
  • Agreeing a detailed communications strategy to ensure that the key messages are powerfully delivered
  • Undertaking venue selection, layout, preparation and facility management
  • Managing the promotional, invitation and registration processes
  • Professionally dressing and signing the venue
  • Managing all travel, accommodation and catering arrangements
  • Sourcing keynote speakers, professional filming or photographic specialists, social media publicity opportunities, and event sponsorship – as required
  • Producing presenter and speaker scripts, and creating on-screen and a-v presentations
  • Overseeing any sound or vision checks rehearsals
  • Managing lighting, sound, rigging and other venue infrastructure
  • Overseeing all contractor, security and insurance arrangements
  • Conducting professional event risk assessment

Conference Management  - AIDS 2014 , Stepping Up The Pace
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